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Food - what REALLY matters...

This Is The Truth About Food and Health... As You Have Never Heard It Before!

Foods can and do HURT. Let me teach you about how to choose the right foods for you... forget what you've read. YOUR OWN BODY will tell you what it wants, if you do this properly!

portrait of Dr. Keith

Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD
The World's "Number One Allergy Detective"...

Introduces his amazing world-class food regime, that's been proved the best diet, over and over the last 32 years.

I was one of the pioneers in the food allergy "movement" in the 1970s and 1980s. I had more fun as a doctor and cured more real disease than I ever did with the stuff I learned at medical school.

I learned that probably the most important thing about nutrition is not what you are lacking but what you are eating that you shouldn't! This is a complete 180-degree turnaround from usual teaching.

The truth is that most of us in the developed world eat far too much any way. It's not a question of food lack or nutrient deficiency but of OVERLOAD.

Most of what we eat is bad for us and sets up relentless inflammation in our bodies. Today we understand that this goes far beyond just "food allergy". We know about small genetic variations, called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), which handicap our ability to metabolize certain select foods.

We are all different: that's the number one lesson I have for the world. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HEALTHY DIET. What is good for one person will make another seriously ill.

So how do we deal with that? You need a system that will enable you to work out what's right for YOUR body and what foods to avoid. If you take the trouble to do this, the rewards are enormous. You'll feel decades younger, sharper mentally, it's great for the complexion and great at staving off aging (I'm 66; do I look it?)

Inflammation Is The Enemy

We now understand that the secret to living a long and healthy life is not vitamins, growth hormone, emotional cleansing, tender loving care (TLC) or even exercize. They all help, of course they do!

But it’s pretty clear to doctors who know their stuff what the number one anti-aging factor is: you need to keep inflammation to an absolute minimum. So eating foods that stress up and inflame your body is not a good thing to do. Yet almost everyone does it.

The nutrition gurus all babble on about this or that regime and seem blythely unaware that their recommendations can wreck health (Steven Pratt's successful Superfoods book includes two foods that are absolutely bad in this respect).

Inflammation is an insidious disease process that goes on in all tissues and organs and greatly accelerates change and decay. Most of the diseases which are hallmarks of decay and aging have a strong inflammatory component. Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes (yes, you read those last two right)… these are all, essentially, inflammatory diseases.

Inflammation can be caused by allergies, parasites, intolerant substances, chemical pollutants, electrical and magnetic field burdens, microbes (especially hidden chronic infections) and a host of other factors.

And inflammation is cooled down by important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids. Now you know why they work!

But the number one trigger of inflammation in our bodies is FOODS! Over 90% of the population are affected by this, in some degree or other.


Hello Dr. Keith,

Just to let you know that yesterday was my 12th and final day of the Diet Wise implementation. I will not describe how I felt the first 3 days, as no one needs to read about the gory details of headaches, nausea, and "PMS on steroids"!

But on the 4th day the cloud had passed and slowly I felt like being lifted out of the abyss. The best news is that the angina I have been suffering for 4 years is nowhere to be found! I just cannot believe it! 3 month ago I saw a cardiologist who recommended statins and beta blockers (without any blood test results!) 

Well, I researched, and researched and found your Diet Wise book. The rest - as the old saying goes - is a history.

Today I tested my first food and will continue to do so for the next many days.

I also think I will stay on this program (with some small additions ) permanently. I feel so great, my stable and consistently happy mood, the feeling of complete satiety (I used to always feel hungry), and the already mentioned absence of angina is something to shout about from the rooftop!

Thank you for this wonderful book and your advice. I am really really grateful to you. I read a bit about your life on the net. You certainly are a spectacular human being.

Beata Drazek, Essex, England (Apr 2012)


So What Can We Do About Chronic Inflammation?

Reduce the inflammatory load!

There is one very easy and amazingly successful way to do this, as I discovered in the late 1970s. You can do it. You don’t even need a doctor to help you, as Beata's testimonial proves. It's all in my powerful self-help book "Diet Wise".

If you carry out the steps correctly you’ll look and feel years younger within a matter of a couple of weeks. Patients I showed this to, back then, had amazing positive reactions from their friends and family: “What are you on? I want some!” and “You look ten years younger. What is your secret?”

Men looked fitter and more “present”; women looked sexier, with fewer lines and more energy, despite long hours in the kitchen or at the office.

You need to get rid of these inflammatory and badly tolerated foods.

So you see, this is NOT the same story as eating right for your type, the blood group diet, food combining or acid vs. alkaline foods, OR ANY OTHER DIET “THEORY”.

In fact this shows why all other diet theories are wrong and make lots of people ill. As well as all the success stories that are touted around, there are people made so sick on every single diet plan they have to give it up. I know, because they came to me, instead of complaining to the author of that plan!

Why does this happen? Because set diet plans don’t work for everyone. There are always some people who react badly to the allowed foods; the ones that are supposed to be good for you!

Why diet plans sometimes work

What I am going to reveal to you here is actually the reason that good diet plans will sometimes work and why almost any group of people, when changing their diet, will get some successes.

It’s just a case of getting the right result for the wrong reason.

By “eating right for your type”, for example, you give up certain foods. If you are lucky, you’ll accidentally eliminate one that was causing you problems. So you feel really great and swear that the “type” diet works!

Even Joe Mercola makes this mistake. He promotes the metabolic typing diet heavily because it works for him. There are plenty of other people who also feel well. So William Wolcott’s metabolic typing diet is a big success.

But what about all the failures, all the thousands who can’t eat their recommended type diet, because it would near kill them? To be valid science, there have to be no exceptions. A theory which just ignores exceptions isn’t a theory at all.

Sounds plausible, sells books, BUT ISN’T TRUE!


The Truth

The truth is that everybody is unique. That means nobody is average. That means there are an infinite number of “types”. You need to dump all that stuff and grasp one simple fact: your own perfect eating plan is exclusive to you and you won’t find it in anyone else’s book!

You have to figure out what foods are cool for you and which ones cause an inflammatory reaction. Eat the former and avoid the latter. Your body will love it!

I can tell you how to do all this and that’s the ONLY book you’ll really need. I called it “Diet Wise” because you would truly be wise about foods, if you only learned these few very simple health principles.

Most doctors haven’t a clue about nutrition. They ramble on about a “balanced” diet. By that, they seem to mean “a balance of junk”, like bread, cereals, cream, tea and coffee- they don’t get it and think all foods are friendly because they “feed us”.

The truth is that wrong foods can cause damage; a lot of damage. The wrong foods will age you quicker than warm cookies fly out of the kitchen.


Bonus Payoff

There’s a great bonus surprise hidden in this approach , which means patients are even more delighted when they discover it! They lose weight. It’s slow but it’s steady and EASY. Because you don’t have to eat less; you just eat DIFFERENTLY.

I’m going to show you how to be 98%-100% healthy. You cannot be healthy if you are overweight—the two just don’t coincide. So eating right has a sort of guaranteed weight-loss principle built in.

As it happens, eating right and avoiding your own inflammatory foods will probably ensure you eat less. Because food cravings and food addictions are exactly the same as food inflammation.

Another surprising but useful fact we discovered decades ago!

Thus eliminating inflammatory and stressor foods will also completely drive away food cravings. That’s why some diets (like the Scarsdale) are easy to follow, once you get past the first few days of “food withdrawals”. When you get rid of certain foods altogether, then you won’t crave them—or anything similar.

Nature is really cool when you work WITH her!

So Why Do Plans Like “Food Combining” Work?

There is no question “food combining” works for some. There are lots of people who feel well on Dr. Hay’s combining regime (Dr. William Howard Hay introduced food combining in 1911. You may hear it called “The Hay Diet”).

If you follow the instructions for food combining (fruit at breakfast, carbohydrate at lunch and protein for dinner), you inevitably tip the balance of your diet. Fruit for breakfast means less dairy, cereal and sugar for a start. Starbuck’s and Café Nero would be a no-go, because most people can’t take coffee without lashings of latte and cream. That alone would cause millions to feel better!

We all eat far too much wheat and milk products. Grains and dairy are what I call “farmer foods” and have only been in our diet for the last 10,000 years! They are NOT natural and “healthy” for humans.

These two foods alone cause a great deal of ill health. Lots of people will feel better cutting down on them. That’s because these are inflammatory foods for many people, not because of Hay’s unsubstantiated (and illogical) theory that the body can’t digest starches and proteins in the same meal!

Hay said to avoid processed foods and eat mostly vegetables, salads and fruits. That too would eliminate a whole raft of common inflammatory foods. So again, many people feel better and that’s why.

The Hay diet does not truly work because some people cannot eat it. Heck, I know a patient who got severe migraines from eating cucumber. Salads wouldn’t do her much good! A child patient of mine had severe epileptic fits if he ate anything from the carrot family—carrots, celery, parsnips, celeriac, coriander (cilantro) and parsley. Eating “veggies” would likely have killed him before adulthood, because carrots are perceived as a healthy food!

All the same arguments apply to the trendy theory of eating acid vs. alkaline foods. It’s all nonsense because we pioneer doctors back then knew very well that if someone ate a food they reacted to, the whole body would turn acidic in minutes. It didn’t matter if that food was one supposed to be “alkaline” or “acid”. The result was ALWAYS acid [we learned to correct it with a mixture of alkali salts; sodium and potassium bicarbonate].

Because some of the more common bandit foods are classed as "acid" (they are not), people avoid them and feel better, so they swear eating only "alkaline" foods works for them. Right result, wrong reason.

So, if you want to feel great and live a very long time, you need to address the issue of chronic inflammation, which is present to a degree in everyone’s body. It’s a complex issue but there is no question that reducing your inflammatory food works dramatically and works wonders.

That’s not to say foods are the only problem. I do say that foods are easiest to deal with, it needs no medical training, it just requires knowledge and application. Once you understand what to do, you’ll have it sorted in no time!

Get this book and start your journey NOW towards a long life of health and vitality.

I tell you the whole story, and tell you what to do about this unsuspected source of ill health, in my paradigm-bending book "Diet Wise" (320 pages packed with info you need to be truly "diet wise").

but Diet Wise NOW button


To understand just how powerful and destructive an impact this food phenomenon can be, consider the following sensational case histories:

Susan felt like she had been released from prison after a long harsh sentence

One of the most moving stories of my entire medical career was a woman called Susan (her real name). She was 39 years old when she came to me. Her parents had read about me in the newspapers, talking about improvements despite brain damage, and wondered if I could help their daughter in any way.

Susan was indisputably mentally handicapped. Susan had the mind of a child. She could not read or write; she could not count or deal with money; she was a danger to herself in the kitchen, since she was extremely clumsy and forgetful – the sort of individual who might overlook lighting the gas and blow herself up, or forget that dishes from the oven are very hot could cause serious burns. She wasn’t even allowed to cross the road unaccompanied, for fear of her safety.

But that was all about to change.

Just a few weeks into my Food Allergy Plan (then a book of that name), Susan says she literally woke up “woke up”.

In her own dramatic and moving words, she said “I just woke up one day and I found I was here!”

susan and her mother

Susan and her Mum

I find it hard to comprehend what that must mean for a woman of almost 40, whose life had been uncomprehending up to that point.

Not that she settled for moping about the lost years.

Susan began learning to read and write; she could count; she could go shopping on her own; she understood money and could obtain the correct change; she wanted to paint and live life to the full.

Her wonderful story was told and retold in the press, most notably by the German-based magazine Bella, under the banner “Prisoner No More”. The double-page spread began with Susan’s remarkable words, which I will quote unaltered:

“This morning I tied my own shoelaces – tied them into neat little bows. And I did it all on my own – without any help from Mum or Dad.

“You probably think that’s no great achievement for a 39-year old woman but, believe me, it’s a very big step and I feel terribly proud.

“You see for most of my life I have been classed as “mentally handicapped” and even the simplest tasks were well beyond me.

“Although I could see, hear, smell, taste--- I simply couldn’t understand what my senses were telling me. The messages were all jumbled. So the world passed me by in a confused, bewildering blur.

“It’s only in the last few months I’ve come out into the real world – and it’s fantastic.

“I feel as if I’ve been reborn or, at least, released from prison after serving a long harsh sentence.”

I could tell even the hard-nosed journalists were really gripped by this drama.

susan is safe in the kitchen

Susan’s allergies, when we had discovered them, were beef, dairy products, wheat and tomatoes. Of course she had been fed dairy products from birth and in any case had met all four foods in the womb. Susan was born off-center because food reactions developed before she even drew her first breath. In her case the target organ was her brain.

Here was a salutary case where over 95% recovery of brain function took place. Let it be a solemn warning to all, what sad stories may be out there, of people doomed to inadequacy because of unsuspected reactions to humble everyday foods.

Long afterwards I used to love getting the scrawly letters Susan wrote me. Possibly the deepest moment of all between us was when, on her final visit, she asked if she could work for me and help others in a similar predicament to hers: “I can answer the phone and write things down!” she said proudly.

It takes a lot to render me speechless, as friends and family will confirm, but at that moment the lump in my throat was so big I couldn’t answer. I just trusted to a hug.


And in case you think that was just a rare fluke, let me tell you about Angela...

"I love You Mummy!"


Angela unquestionably had cerebral palsy. She had never spoken. She could not move well, due to the stiff spasticity of her limbs. If she slavered and snorted a little, nobody minded: “She’s brain damaged. What do you expect?” was what the doctors told her mother.

Then I was called in.

After just ten days on the test diet I describe for you in "Diet Wise", Angela spoke. Now I do not mean she started to learn to speak. She just came out with it. Her very first words (eighteen years of age, remember) were “I love you Mummy!”

Her forbearing mother nearly collapsed with surprise and delight.

What was so moving here was that Angela clearly had understood language all along. Inside she had wanted to be part of everything going on around her and nobody knew she was even at home with the lights on. Too much by far had been taken for granted. Angela must have felt very isolated and dismissed as mentally defective as well as crippled.

You may ask how this recovery was possible. Well, even if there is an incurable problem, there may be some aspect of it that responds to treatment. In this case there was no question that Angela had severe brain damage and spastic limbs; she would never walk unaided.

But that did not mean she had zero cognitive function. In fact her brain was probably being as fazed with incompatible food reactions as Susan’s above. Once that inflammation was settled down, the speech function areas began to recover, along with the frontal lobe areas where we process our feelings.

I am pleased to return to this case because it makes the same point as Susan’s: out there may be many millions of people, imprisoned inside, because food allergy and intolerance is inflaming their brains and preventing proper cognitive function.


Sometimes the results can be quite funny (when they are not tragic). Consider the case of this girl, who got drunk on vodka and orange (her favorite drink at the time). But all was not what you would think...

Lesley was "drunk as a skunk" with oranges

drunk on oranges

Imagine a girl who got up and danced on tables in the bar. She would be very vulnerable to some ruthless predator, who could take advantage of her inebriated condition.

But before you get on your temperance high-horse, let me tell you the amazing twist to this story. It wasn't the Vodka that made Lesley drunk - IT WAS THE ORANGE.

Once we found that out, she behaved herself normally. She could even drink vodka. That wasn't the problem.

Lesley had a severe brain allergy reaction to orange. It cancelled her inhibitions, just as if she'd been lightly poisoned by alcohol. That made her a danger to herself and a nuisance to others.

orange juice

Who would suspect everyday oranges?

Listen: by that time I had learned to suspect any and all foods. That's how I got to be such a good "detective".

but Diet Wise NOW button


Of Course, Not All Cases Are So Dramatic.

Most are routine, such as migraine, arthritis, colitis, asthma, eczema, urticaria (hives), ADD and ADHD, depression and so on.

It has been wisely estimated that as much as 80% of all conditions requiring visits to the doctor are caused, or aggravated by, food adverse reactions.

Perhaps the commonest troublesome call is what we call “wooly brain syndrome” or “brain fog”…

The fact is that if you have any kind of chronic condition--but especially one which doctors can't explain easily-- ask yourself (now you've read this page): "Could this be an adverse food reaction, an allergy or genetic incompatibility to some food I eat regularly?"

The answer is always: yes, it could be; but even if not, it may be helped by reducing your BODY LOAD.

Here are just a few of the symptoms that COULD be caused by a food allergy or other adverse food reaction (but not necessarily are).

  • persistent fatigue not helped by rest
  • over or under weight or a history of fluctuating weight
  • occasional swellings of the face, hands, abdomen or ankles
  • palpitations, particularly just after eating
  • excessive sweating
  • Red or itchy eyes
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Itching
  • Eczema
  • Blotches on the skin
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Dyspepsia, abdominal distress, flatulence
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Pain the stomach
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Variable bowel function
  • Unusually slow or rapid heartbeat
  • Pain in the chest
  • High blood pressure
  • Cramps in limbs
  • Chilblains
  • Feeling faint
  • Feeling unwell all over
  • Stiffness in throat or tongue
  • Water retention
  • Terrible thoughts on waking
  • Shaking in the morning
  • Slow getting started in the morning
  • Insomnia
  • Crabby on waking
  • Abrupt changes from well to unwell
  • Rash that isn't eczema
  • Aching muscles
  • Swollen painful joints
  • Headache (incl. migraine)
  • Convulsions or fits
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Giddiness
  • Nausea
  • Frequent urination
  • "Dopey" feeling (brain fog)
  • Inability to think clearly ("woolly brain")
  • Irritability
  • Panic attacks
  • Feeling unreal,  depersonalized
  • Lack of confidence
  • Mood swings
  • Sudden sneezing
  • High mood (undue elation)
  • Low mood
  • Mood swings
  • Menstrual difficulties
  • General slowing down
  • General speeding up
  • Tingling all over
  • Vomiting without nausea
  • Sudden tiredness after eating
  • Sudden chills after eating
  • Feeling totally drained and exhausted
  • Eating binges
  • "Flu-like state" that isn't  really flu        
  • Catarrh

If you have 5 or more items off this list, you NEED "Diet Wise"!

diet wise book cover

Buy It Now, Securely On Line

get ordering details, click here

The trouble with all lists like this is they can be misleading, because these symptoms are not specific and could possibly signal serious disease. But the more you can check off on the list, the more certain it is that you are being affected by an adverse food or environmental trigger - especially a food.

Even if you suffer from what may be classed as a “real” condition, if your doctor can only offer you lifelong medication, you should independently investigate this matter of food reactions. By my definition, chronic illness is a failure of medicine. Taking drugs for life means they DON’T work. If they did, you wouldn’t have the problem any more! Duh!

And that brings me to an important point:

There is almost no aspect of medicine and health that lends itself so well to self-help. Doctors are pretty ignorant about foods and nutrition, as you are well aware. So, changing what you eat is something you can and should do on your own determinism.

If you follow the path I will outline, then you can track down your "unsuspected enemy" and neutralize it. It may mean giving up a few foods for a few months (rarely for life). The recoveries, as I have hinted, can be quite spectacular. It's NORMAL for patients to say they feel 10 years younger and that their friend keep telling them so.

adreyenn ashley

Listen to entrepreneur and award-winning film producer Adryenn Ashley talk about her experiences with mood disturbance caused by bandit foods and why she likes Dr Keith's "Diet Wise".

click to play 52 seconds

or click here for the MP3 audio recording (bigger file)


I Know What You Are Thinking!

So if all this is so great and works well, why is it that other doctors don’t do it for their patients? It’s a question I must have heard over a thousand times!

First, let me tell you that for 20 years after the discovery of anesthetics, most doctors still went on cutting off legs without sending their patient to sleep, just tying them to the table and letting them scream. That's not nice!

It’s silly to suppose that doctors will take on a whole new way of looking at things, after years of training, just because there is an obviously a better way to do things.

The fact is that if doctors don’t see what diseases they were taught in their textbooks, they get defensive. It can’t be “real” they think. Patients were often labeled neurotic and supposed to be hypochondriac until we pioneered this food thing in the 1970s and 1980s. In fact my mentor Richard Mackarness wrote a book about it, which changed my medical career overnight, called “Not All In The Mind”. Like him I cured thousands who had been told "It's all in your mind" but it wasn't: it was on their dinner plate!

The problem is that food reactions cause so many symptoms and such a variable, non-repeatable pattern, that it does seem as if the patient must be malingering. It’s headache one time, skin rash the next, then backache, then period pains, then loose bowels. It all looks like something different each time.

But the reality is that there may be only one cause of variable symptoms like this, and that’s a food reaction, maybe to just one food!

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What do patients think?

I am 70 and for years raised and/or used mostly organic fruits, meats, eggs, dairy, coffee and fruit. However a couple years ago started having attacks of diverticular disease and frequent constipation. Very painful and frighting. I started using a special aloe product and continued to have attacks less frequently but obviously just treating the symptoms and my doctor and specialist just did the CAT scans, etc and said yes you have a problem.

After research I discovered your book, Diet Wise and followed it to the letter starting summer 2011. I found a number of toxic foods for me and eliminated and retested, etc. I am a new person today and living without dairy, coffee, wheat, white potatoes. No attacks for 10 months. I have recommended the book to many and some have tried it and found what I found.

Thanks Dr. Keith for the blessing that your writings have produced!

Take care,

Allen, Palatka, FL


Dear Prof Scott-Mumby,

...just a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! I purchased your wonderful book on diet modifications...Bottom line is...I not only lost the 30 pounds I'd gradually gained over the past decade, but I have absolutely no problem keeping it off!

As long as I stay away from all grains & any animal meat that has been grain and/or soy fed...I'm skinny again and lovin' it!

Citrus fruits were a big deal too. My teeth and my jaw ached all the time...now after locating the trouble foods the pain and sensitivity is gone completely... Thank you, again, for really helping me feel more normal.

- Susan Young, Lucerne Valley, CA

Dear Prof Scott-Mumby,

I had your marvelous book sitting on my night stand since receiving it. While looking at the pages marked for hypoglycemia, I ended up reading the entire book. Exciting news about foods and our individual reactions to these.

Your book takes so much "guilt" out of physical conditions especially noted by social standards as falling within the "lack of character" range. I was totally fascinated. Medicine's mainstream has probably forced us into pidgeonholes that acted as prisons for our own health. Once upon a time.

Thank you for this wonderful source material written in such an easily understandable fashion. We in the public are growing more literate and can afford to know background reasoning to help with our own treatment mentality.

Marvelous work. I am delighted to own it!

- Thank you, Becky in USA


Thanks to your Diet Wise we found out our son has allergy to milk. His symptoms were exclusively mental  -aggressivness, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression. We attributed these symptoms to his postvaccination syndrome as it started after his first DTP shot, but homeopathic treatment including potentized vaccines brought only partial effect.

Now I perfectly know when he ate some dairy outside the house. Fortunately we found out that digestive enzymes help him to eat dairy outside, he has no symptoms then.

If there would be nothing else for this I am extremely grateful.

with regards,

Dr. Ludmila Elekova, MD (Czech Republic)


Take A Look At What Some Experts Have Said About My Book “Diet Wise”:

REVIEW BY DR DORIS RAPP, one of the great ladies of US medicine.

I have had a most delightful time reviewing Dr Mumby’s latest book entitled Diet Wise. If you want a practical book that will enable you, on your own, to figure out why you remain sick, in spite of many doctors and pills, consider reading this book. The accurate detection of food sensitivities can remain elusive for years because it does not have a high enough priority in medical school education. I personally missed it for about 25 years until I happened to go to a food allergy meeting. As Dr Mumby so aptly points out, absolutely any area of the body can be affected .Food allergy is much much more than asthma, hay fever, belly problems and rashes. You can be sick for your whole life if you do not take the time to keep some records and figure out the food answers. The practical tips to explain why only certain people become ill, what can make the symptoms worse and what you can do about it, is all there. Stress, wrong genes and vaccines can make you more prone to this problem. The answer is simply to find the culprits, eliminate them and your sick days will be over.

REVIEW BY DR GARRY GORDON MD of GordonResearch.com:

This is a really important book. I thank Dr Scott-Mumby for having written it. In it he exposes many working truths that an aware physician is forced to confront on a daily basis. The fact is we are all very different, a product of tiny variations in our genetic make-up, and our individual tolerance of foods reflects this. Instead of being an arid academic book, DIET WISE is a practical everyday manual for the intelligent layman or enquiring practitioner, livened up with a number of remarkable and instructive case studies. I keep a copy on my night stand! A must read.

REVIEW BY DR JONATHAN WRIGHT, one the world's leading nutrition experts

The subtitle of “Diet Wise” (“Let your body choose the food that’s right for you”) seems too simple to be true. Isn’t extensive testing by professionals required to determine food allergies, sensitivities, and incompatibilities? Sometimes that’s true, but very often, it isn’t. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has done a superlative job explaining exactly how—with close attention to how you feel—you can discover on your own exactly the right foods for you. Even whole, natural, organic foods—not just “junk foods”—are often major causes of many health problems.

Dr. Scott-Mumby skillfully and understandably guides you towards the unique combination of foods that are good for you and your family as individuals. If your health is perfect, you may not need this book, but if not, you’ll very likely feel better after following Dr. Scott-Mumby’s program.

Diet Wise is the best book I have seen to guide anyone with any of the health problems listed above (and many more) to significant self-directed health improvement. Dr. Scott-Mumby has done a terrific job for us all! Highly recommended!

316 pages, packed with information

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There is no book like this anywhere on the market. This is the summation of nearly 40 years of work from a doctor at the top of his game, who produced 10,000s of unique and amazing cures that left the onlookers gasping with shock (and delight!) Now for the first time all his skills are poured into a self-help framework. You can benefit from his years of experience and depth of knowledge by reading this book.